Radiodetection Precision Locators - Mississauga, ON (April 18, 2024: in-person) (240418)

18 April 2024
8:30am - 4:30pm Eastern Time
Paramount Fine Foods Centre, 5500 Rose Cherry Place, Building A - Rinks, Mississauga, ON CANADA ( Meeting rooms A, B, C upstairs)

As more underground infrastructure develops, it becomes increasingly important to locate and map buried utilities to prevent accidents and damage to infrastructure. Electromagnetic Locating tools are extensively used to locate buried infrastructure.

Attend this Nulca-accredited training course to learn all aspects from theory and instrumentation to survey techniques and data interpretation. A major component of this course is getting hands-on experience using the equipment outdoors (please dress appropriately for the weather).

Topics covered include: 

  • Basic locating theory         NULCA Accreditation       
  • Passive & active locating
  • Frequency selection
  • Maximizing transmitter output
  • Getting a good ground
  • Survey techniques

Equipment used:

Date & Time
April 18, 2024: 8:30am - 4:30pm Eastern Time

$450 USD

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