Introducing the new and improved Backpack and Transmitter bag

1 July 2021
A convenient way to transport a precision cable and pipe locator system We are very pleased to introduce our New and Improved Backpack and Transmitter Bag. Now suitable for all precision locators, including marker locator and PCMx models, the new backpack and Transmitter bag benefit from numerous practical improvements based on customer feedback.


9 March 2021
  RD8200 和 RD7200 管线仪:将埋地基础设施的定位提升到新的层次 定位和保护埋地基础设施是许多行业的关键操作。管线仪技术人员需要每天可在恶劣的环境中使用一整天的可靠设备。他们需要能够提供高效操作、高水平安全性以及精密和准确测量的工具。