我们的传感器和软件 LMX 100 提供更完整的地下基础设施画面,完善了定位仪工具箱。它还通过简单易用的界面达到深度穿透和高分辨率的完美平衡,以实现精确定位。

LMX 在检测以下项目方面具有优势:

  • 金属和非金属公用设施
  • 示踪线断裂的公用设施
  • 未记录的公用设施
  • 经常与公用设施掩埋关联的沟渠和扰动土
  • 可能对挖掘或施工造成问题的意外障碍物或埋藏结构(如旧地基)
High visibility touch screen

A resistive touch screen that works with gloves on, with user selectable languages and metric and US standard options.

Produce and share instant on-site reports

Share directly from your display unit with built-in Wi-Fi. Option to add data markers to highlight points of interest.

USB port

A USB port allowing for easy data transfer for further data analysis. 

Lightweight build

A lightweight fiberglass cart frame build making transportation easy. No metal in the build reduces interference with GPR signals. 

Lead acid gel battery

A long lasting and swappable battery. 

GPR Sensor

Patented ultra-wideband (UWB) 250 MHz GPR antenna and DynaT for dynamic target enhancement.