6 February 2024

Radiodetection – a world leader in the management of critical infrastructure and utilities that provides best in class equipment and solutions to trace underground infrastructure for the construction industry – has announced a partnership that will empower its ESG strategy.

Radiodetection is striving to become a net-zero company and believes it can accelerate its sustainability drive with the help of Auditel’s specialist insights and advice.

“Our ambition here at Radiodetection is to lead our sector and wider industry towards a more sustainable future. While we’re proud of the strides we’ve made and continue to make, we believe the comprehensive carbon assessment and emissions reduction plans Auditel provide are exactly what we need to streamline progress towards our ultimate net-zero goal,” says Andrew Bruce, Managing Director, Radiodetection.

The scope and strength of Radiodetection’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint has been made clear by the many sustainability-friendly policies the company has already put into action. These include the company-wide recycling of all metal and cardboard waste and a successful initiative that replaced all alkaline batteries used in their products with rechargeable alternatives.

A global footprint

The company’s presence stretches around the globe and includes but is not limited to premises in France, Germany, Canada, the US and here in the UK, where the company has its headquarters. To account for the unique processes and operations that take place at each of their premises and ensure the consideration of sustainability at a local level, Radiodetection also practices premises-specific sustainability policies.

Examples at their Bristol-based headquarters include the sending of all plastic and electrical waste to a local environmentally-friendly electronic waste disposal programme and the installation of electric vehicle charging points in their car park.

ESG commitment

On 1st Jan 2023, Radiodetection enacted its most ambitious sustainability policy to date. During its history, the company has printed hundreds of thousands of brochures, data sheets, user guides, operation manuals and product range brochures, but because of the environmental impact of printing, it decided this practice needed to end. Following an intense transitionary program of planning and digitalization, the company has dramatically reduced its production of print materials.

“All the ink, paper, production, transportation, storage and postage involved in our print processes were taking a toll on the environment. Massively scaling back print has reduced our carbon footprint and really underlined our commitment to protecting the planet. It wasn’t easy. We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved and the example we’ve set for our partners and the sector at large. But for us, this is just the beginning,” says Thomas Turner, Product Management & Marketing Director, Radiodetection.

Net zero ambition

To add momentum to Radiodetection’s mission to lead its sector towards a more sustainable future from the front, the company now wants to take its sustainability consciousness all the way to its ultimate conclusion – full net-zero status. That’s why they’ve enlisted the world-class sustainably expertise of Auditel.

Alongside considerations that include where a company chooses to invest its money, the ethical accountability of its suppliers, the diversity of its workforce and the level of effort it puts into supporting its local communities, sustainability makes up a crucial part of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) assessment.

ESG is rapidly becoming the at-a-glance indicator by which the ethical standard of companies is judged. By striving for net zero, not only is Radiodetection guiding its sector towards a more sustainable future, the company is also working wonders for its ESG credentials.

In doing so, Radiodetection is trumpeting its sustainability commitment loud and clear to its employees, customers and business partners. Considering that in recent years eco-accountability has become a more important decision-determining factor for 85%* of global consumers, that’s prudent action for any business to be making.

Andrew Bruce, Managing Director, Radiodetection comments: “Improving our ESG credentials is an excellent way to spread the message about our commitment to sustainability throughout our sector and beyond. It also has the entirely welcome knock-on effect of helping us establish and build a community of like-minded employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. Sustainability isn’t a trend. It’s here to stay. Protecting the planet and repairing the damage we’ve done to it is one of our generation’s great responsibilities. Focusing on ESG is the way in which we’re doing our bit and inspiring others to do theirs.”


* Source: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211014005090/en/Recent-Study-Reveals-More-Than-a-Third-of-Global-Consumers-Are-Willing-to-Pay-More-for-Sustainability-as-Demand-Grows-for-Environmentally-Friendly-Alternatives