14 February 2024

In the vast world of social media, stories often unfold, connecting individuals in unexpected ways. One recent example involving a top Radiodetection executive has emerged showcasing the power of community and compassion, especially in a specialized sector such as utility locating. 

Philip Hays calls November 2023 a ‘rollercoaster month’, and with good reason. A dedicated utility professional with 10 years of experience, Philip has painstakingly built his own company from scratch. His tool of choice has always been the RD8000, paired with a Tx-10 transmitter. Philip is also an active member of a Facebook group dedicated to Utility Locating, where he often posts questions related to work and shares advice about Radiodetection locators.

On November 9, Philip turned to this group to share his distress about having his Tx-10 transmitter stolen while on the job. He wasn’t expecting help; it was just to vent his frustration at having his sole source of livelihood taken away from him. “It left me dead in the water”, he wrote. People were sympathetic, some suggesting that he should have used a cable lock to prevent theft. Some just cracked jokes – an inescapable part of social media.

What Philip certainly wasn’t expecting was that this post would catch the attention of Tom Turner, Radiodetection’s Director of Product Management & Marketing. Moved by the plight of this struggling private utility professional, Tom swiftly intervened and was able to rush Philip a brand-new Tx-10 transmitter. The new equipment reached Philip less than two weeks after his first distress post, along with a bonus ground rod and ground extension.

Overwhelmed by this spontaneous gesture, Philip was thrilled to be back in business, supporting his family with his one-man-army locate company.

Radiodetection has always believed that social media is more than just networking; it is also a platform for genuine connection and help. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the realm of business, and we hope this has an extended effect of cultivating a culture of support and empathy within our professional community.

Philip Hays has reminded us of the profound impact a simple act of kindness can have on someone’s life. In his own words, “You only read about this stuff online, you never think it’s going to happen to you. I’ve been using RD my entire career, nearly 10 years. It’s all I’ve ever used, and I will continue to be a customer for life.”


Photo: From Left Philip Hays and Mike Nourse, Radiodetection Area Sales Manager for the West Coast.