New smart battery and charger option for C.A.T range

16 June 2022
Moving to a more sustainable future As part of a companywide initiative to reduce waste and limit our environmental footprint through responsible procurement, Radiodetection has ceased the supply of Alkaline D Cell batteries with our Pipe and Cable Locator Products.

Introducing the 1205CXB, the new high-precision TDR from Radiodetection

20 April 2022
The 1205CXB – the new ultra-low noise copper cable analyzer from Radiodetection We have designed the 1205CXB Metallic Cable Analyzer TDR to help you find cable faults quickly and easily. The 1205CXB has an ultra-clean, low noise signal and a large color display. These combine with having all the TDR controls on-screen to create one of the easiest to use precision tools for finding cable faults in the industry.

New smart Lithium-Ion batteries and chargers

11 November 2021
Get the most of out your locator system with our smart batteries and chargers. We are pleased to launch our new Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries and chargers. Keeping up with the latest developments in Lithium-Ion technology, they offer essential features to help improve safety, increase durability and meet customer demands. We have created the following documents, providing more detail and best practice tips.