Discontinued Products

The RD385 No-Dig Trenchless system provides guidance for Horizontal Directional Drilling.

RD385L Receiver
Hand held receiver, which receives information from the Sonde relating to roll, tilt, depth, location, Sonde battery status and Sonde temperature. It can also be used as a cable/pipe locator.

RD385 DataView (optional)
A remote display which indicates roll, tilt and depth information from the RD385L Receiver. Located at the bore machine to provide information for steering.

RD385 DataSonde
The DataSonde is installed in the head of the bore tool, and contains the sensors that measure tilt, roll angle, temperature and battery life.

  • Entry level system - simple and easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Provides both location and drillhead information
  • Improves drilling accuracy
  • Speeds up process thus saving time
  • Reduces likelihood of miss-drilling


RD385 Receiver - Part no: 10/RD385-BL

RD385 Dataview - Part no: 10/ND1256-R2

G1/385 Sonde Black (30ft Rated) - Part no: 10/ND2415-BK

G1/385 Sonde Red (50ft Rated) - Part no: 10/ND2415-R

RD385 Slim Sonde - Part no: 10/ND1579

RD385 Slim Sonde + No Park Powersave - Part no: 10/ND1579-3

RD385 Slim Sonde (High Pressure) - Part no: 10/ND1579-P

RD385 Slim Sonde No Park Powersave (High Pressure) - Part no: 10/ND1579-P3