Discontinued Products

The RD533 correlator locates and pinpoints water leaks on underground water pipes using sensors attached to infrastructure fittings.

The RD533 correlator is a multi-function system that is designed to detect leaks and trace the topography of water supply networks. When used with a transmitter, the RD533 can trace a pipe’s route underground. The system features a highly sensitive ground microphone that can detect even minute leaks. The automatic frequency search function coupled with automatic and manual digital filtering allows the operator to locate leaks rapidly with minimal error.

Measurements are saved to the central unit, allowing the operator to compare readings over time to establish the network's ongoing condition. With simple one-button operation and a display that automatically adjusts brightness, the RD533 leak noise correlator is the ideal leak detection device for a wide variety of industry applications.

  • Portable
  • Correlator / ground microphone/ listening device in one compact system
  • User-friendly control features
  • 500mW transmitter (subject to regulatory approval)
  • Charge or power direct from a vehicle (no adaptor required)
  • Headphone jack in central unit and measuring boxes