Garantía ampliada

Garantía ampliada

Thank you for purchasing a Radiodetection cable and pipe locator product.

Radiodetection recommends you register your products, so that in the event of an important product update, we can contact you.

Some products also benefit from 2 additional years of warranty, extending their standard 1 year warranty period to 3 years in total. Products must be registered with us within 3 months of purchase to take advantage of this offer.

Products eligible for extended warranty are:


  • RD8200SG
  • RD8200(G)
  • RD7200
  • RD8100 - MRX
  • RD7100 - MRX
  • PCMx


  • Tx-5
  • Tx-10
  • Tx-10B

To view Radiodetection's Warranty terms and conditions please refer to the following document: Radiodetection Warranty Statement.

How to Register

There are 2 ways to register your product:

1.  Windows Applications

  • RD Manager™ Online for RD8200SG, RD8200(G), RD8200 and RD7200 Precision Locators and Tx5, Tx-10(B)  Click here
  • RD Manager™ for RD8100 and RD7100 Cable, Pipe and Marker Locators, RD8100 and RD7100 Cable and Pipe Locators and RD8000 and RD7000+ Cable, Pipe and Marker Locators. Click here

2.  Radiodetection portal

Visit to create your portal account* and use the Product page to register your locator or transmitter.

Visit for instructions on how to create a portal account or register your product.

* A valid e-mail address and mobile number are required.

For all support enquiries visit