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Radiodetection is a world leader in the management of critical infrastructure and utilities, providing best in class equipment and solutions, designed to prevent damage, manage assets and protect lives. Founded in 1977, Radiodetection is globally recognised for its established range of tools and digital solutions. Radiodetection offers a broad range of solutions across a core group of brands, including:


Damaging buried utilities can be both expensive and dangerous and can also seriously impact companies’ reputations. Superior detection tools, such as Radiodetection’s, allow you to identify and trace underground infrastructure. Radiodetection’s range comprise of precision locators, cable avoidance tools, magnetic locators, ground penetrating radar (GPR), dehydrators and cable test technology.


Schonstedt is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing Magnetic Locators, which aid in detecting, tracing, repairing, maintaining and recovering ferrous metal objects, up to 20’ (6 m) below the surface of the ground. Schonstedt joined Radiodetection in March 2018 and strengthened the core solutions offered by Radiodetection.

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Sensors & Software

Sensors & Software joined Radiodetection in November 2020 and expanded Radiodetection’s ground penetrating radar (GPR) offering. Sensors & Software Inc. is recognized worldwide as an innovative manufacturer of GPR instrumentation and software, delivering subsurface imaging solutions to customers worldwide.  Understanding what lies beneath the surface of materials like soil, rock, rubble, pavement, concrete, water, ice and snow opens endless possibilities. Our solutions empower informed decision-making. 

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The Dielectric range of products is designed for dry air pressurization. With over 60 years experience, the Dielectric Range has refined its technology to provide the most trouble-free and environmentally friendly dryers available.

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Why is Radiodetection the professionals’ choice?

We deliver trusted and proven tools that keeps the utility world running. Our solutions allow our customers to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving utility environment. Operating in over 60 countries, our solutions are designed with safety in mind, and have evolved over nearly 50 years to provide a complete solution.

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