15 April 2024

RDMO is our new Locate Performance Management tool that helps reduce the risk of damage to underground utilities and allows data to flow seamlessly from Radiodetection precision locators to the office.

In the US, ‘Locating Practices’ was identified as the largest root cause of utility damages in 2022, amounting to billions of dollars.* This can stem from various factors – inadequate training, poor communication, complacency, rushed work due to long shifts, inconsistent locating standards, equipment misuse, and more.

Radiodetection is taking a decisive step forward to combat these challenges by launching Locate Performance Management, a suite of solutions poised to redefine the way utility locate tasks are performed and managed. At the forefront of this range is RDMO – a software tool meticulously crafted to integrate with, and support Radiodetection’s best-in-class Precision Locators.

“By empowering One-Call, private utility locating, and SUE services with real-time locator data, RDMO not only addresses the challenges currently facing the industry but also lays the foundation for a safer, more efficient future,” says Thomas Turner, Director of Product Management and Marketing, Radiodetection.

Locate Performance Management

RDMO ensures there is a structured system in place to create and assign jobs to field technicians and track locate performance.

“The key aspect of RDMO lies in the simplicity of the data transfer from the field. When a field tech starts locating, critical data on the buried utility such as type, depth, GNSS position, and distance of the line traced is automatically logged and transferred to the web-based portal – allowing them to focus solely on the locate,” explains Turner.

RDMO then assesses each locate task against preconfigured parameters like recommended frequencies, job duration, the accuracy of locates, and more, to assign locate performance scores.

Influence Onsite Behaviors

The enhanced visibility and data from RDMO enables supervisors to determine where additional locate training is needed for technicians and helps drive accountability. Employees can learn from their locate performance scores and work on their skills and techniques as required, raising the overall standard of work in the industry.

Bill Customers Accurately, with Data to Back You

Accurate billing metrics from RDMO can minimize the need for estimations or charging a flat rate for all locate tasks. By providing customers with precise billing statements based on critical data like time spent on a specific locate, the accurate GNSS location, and the length of the traced utility, companies can foster trust and credibility.

Aggregate Data for Informed Decision-Making

Over time, RDMO accumulates a vast database of locate and GNSS data from all Field Tech locate activity. This data can be analyzed to identify trends, uncover patterns, and determine best practices.

A few examples:

  1. Track the number of errors made while locating, which may signal training needs
  2. Establish optimized locator + transmitter setups for different utilities, configure and customize Scoring Rules for different types of utility tasks
  3. Review tickets and work-flow performance
  4. AI integration capabilities, to better enable data-driven decisions surrounding high-profit opportunities and cost-intensive activities

Explore a World of Possibilities with RDMO’s Public APIs

Facilitate the flow of relevant data from RDMO to external systems – be it an AI application for enhanced data analysis or an invoicing tool for attaching accurate metrics to billing statements. Harness the full potential of your locate data.

A Catalyst for Change

“As the utility industry strives to adopt proactive measures to reduce damages and costs, Locate Performance Management emerges as a catalyst for change. By fulfilling the industry’s need for better reporting and analysis, RDMO sets a new standard for damage prevention solutions, reinforcing Radiodetection’s commitment to innovation and excellence,” says Turner.

Availability: Available from April 15, 2024, onward in the United States and Canada, please contact your local Radiodetection salesperson or Authorized Radiodetection Distributor for additional information and/or to request a free demo of the software.


*Source – Common Ground Alliance (CGA), 2022