13 August 2020

In today’s connected world, getting your customers online and keeping them online is your number one priority. The new 6100 TDRs from Radiodetection are the perfect network analysis tools to detect faults and for rapid service turn-up.

Featuring traditional copper measurements to assess loop quality and identify common faults, DSL tests to provide pass/fail indications of frequency performance, as well as offering LAN and IP testing, the 6100 family offers nearly everything tier-1 technician performing installation, copper qualification and service turn-up requires.

The 6100 family – Smarter multifunction copper tester and Ultra-broadband network analyzers

The 6100 family consists of 3 products. All of them evaluate the copper infrastructure, covering parameters such as voltage, resistance, capacitance and time domain reflectometry.

The 6100 products all test basic twisted pair quality, identify and locate faults, and troubleshoot noise and signal issues. These measurements offer a quick and thorough method to determine if the cable is capable of supporting xDSL technology. In addition, they utilize noise measurements, longitudinal and stressed balance tests, and power spectral density tests to assist in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of copper cables.

The two 6100-Gfast products are designed to make DSL/IP turn-up easy and so additionally allow users to run multiple highly-automated, scripted and customisable tests covering a broad spectrum of ADSL2+, VDSL2, and G.fast standards. They emulate a customer CPE modem to the point that they can handshake and connect with a DSLAM and report the upstream and downstream parameters. The technician simply connects the 6100-Gfast to the line, turns it on, and selects a test to run. Results obtained include upstream and downstream throughput and noise margin. Internet throughput validation comes with an Ookla® Speedtest®-powered solution, including FTP, HTTP and iPerf3 tests.

Options to match every user’s requirements

Each of the three base products are available in STD, ADV and PRO versions allowing customers to choose the model that meets their requirements. Additional options and accessories are available, enabling users to fine-tune the installed functions to their exact needs.

Designed for use

The 6100 family all feature a 6” sunlight-readable display with touch screen, and capture JPG and BMP screen grabs. Their IP54 ingress rating and thick rubber protective surround make for robust, field-ready test units. All units feature dual twisted-pair interfaces and two USB ports, while the Gfast products also boast dual GigE ports for LAN/WAN testing.

6100 family - available now

The 6100 family is announced today and available to order immediately. They entirely replace the 6000 family of RiserBond multifunction TDR products, which are no longer available for purchase. Please contact your local Radiodetection representative for full 6100 product and option details. Small quantities are available from stock, larger quantities may have a lead time of up to 4 weeks.

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Upgrade options

Multi-function phone network analyser



Ultra-Broadband phone network analyser, inc xDSL Bonding



Ultra-Broadband phone network analyser, inc Annex B&J





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