18 March 2024

Radiodetection is pleased to announce a collaboration with Trimble® to bring survey-grade accuracy to Utility Workflows. Through the integration of the new Radiodetection’s RD Map™+ application and precision locator products with the Trimble® Catalyst™ DA2 GNSS system, the software and hardware solution streamlines utility-locating workflows to provide high-accuracy measurement capabilities for the creation of underground utilities maps in a single field operation.

Simplified Utility Mapping with Survey-Grade Accuracy

Traditionally, field technicians manually mark their survey measurements onsite or rely on data entries to provide to office staff for map creation after a site visit. Utilities data collected with the Radiodetection’s RD Map+ app and precision locators automatically sync with high accuracy location measurements collected by the Trimble ® Catalyst™ DA2 GNSS system. By streamlining this connection, workers can efficiently and accurately digitize utility-line locations and reduce costly reporting errors.

“We are excited to bring to the market this solution alongside Trimble as part of the Radiodetection ‘Map It Your Way’ initiative,” said Tom Turner, product management and marketing director, Radiodetection. “The Map It Your Way initiative is launching a range of solutions combining our latest digitally-enabled hardware with mobile applications to allow customers to accurately map underground utilities.”

“Accurate geolocation is critical to the operation and maintenance of underground utilities and public infrastructure,” said Stephanie Michaud, strategic marketing manager, Trimble Surveying & Mapping Field Solutions. “By adding survey-grade capabilities to existing utility workflows, this collaboration creates a connected solution that provides confidence and reliability during the data capture process.”

This integration advances utility measurement workflows by giving workers the capability to accurately represent the utility asset in a digital format. This streamlines the operation, maintenance and construction process whenever utilities are involved.


The Radiodetection RD Map+ app is available to download now, here: 

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Trimble Catalyst DA2 GNSS solutions are available through the Radiodetection Distributor Network alongside Radiodetection’s Precision Locators.

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