PCM™+ and PCM™+ Transmitter

Discontinued Products

This discontinued product has been replaced by the exciting new PCMx range of products.

Radiodetection’s PCM+ system accurately detects and pinpoints weaknesses & holidays in oil & gas pipeline coatings.

Combined with its new high performance transmitter the PCM+ accurately and easily locates and maps pipelines for up to 19 miles, providing simultaneous measurement of PCM Current and Voltage Gradient, even in areas where there is contact with other metallic structures, interference, or congestion. This eliminates the need for the pipeline technician to perform direct connection 'current spans' and manual calculations to determine CP currents along the pipeline reducing false indications and minimizing unnecessary excavations. Any current leakage fault in the pipeline coating can be further narrowed down to within 3 feet by use of the A frame.

Precision Locator and PCM in one unit

Accurate, high over-sampled measurements, 96000 Samples/sec

8kHz Fault Find

Improves fault indication integrity

Minimizes unnecessary excavations

Identification of pickup/discharging from 3rd party CP Systems

Low power for full day survey (2 x D Cells)

Current mapping


Quicker 3 Second current Mapping and up to 1000 measurements stored on PCM+ receiver.

If PDA has GPS then software automatically includes xyz and time stamp for inclusion in graph.

Integrates with standard GIS software.

Realtime upload of measured data via Bluetooth to PDA or PC using Radiodetection PCM+ software application, presents recorded data in graphical or raw data format.

PC / PDA graph display modes (against distance):

Locate depth

ACCA PCM current (mA and dBmA)



Position (using GPS)

PCM+ Transmitter

One portable case

Easy to use

High power 150 Watt

19 miles range @ 4Hz

New programmable, digital processor based for reliability

Improved overload protection

Negative drive voltage

Optional switch around zero for full power limited duration

Improved environmental sealing

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