GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator

Metal and Magnetic Locators

GA-92XTd with Membrane Switch & Precision Signal Strength Indicator.

Our popular GA-92XTd magnetic locator was introduced in 2002 and quickly became known as perhaps the most portable and easy-to-use magnetic metal locator on the market.

With one hand, you can detect the magnetic fields of all ferromagnetic objects property markers, manholes, septic tanks, well casings, valve boxes, cast iron pipes, steel drums, unexploded ordnance up to sixteen feet below the surface.


Portable and easy to transport

GA-92XTd is optimized for locating buried ferrous utilities and offers users audio and visual feedback for optimum locate performance. When not in use, GA-92XTd can retract and be stored in the holster supplied as standard, ready for action whenever you are

Membrane Switch for Single-Handed Operation

GA-92XTd sports a membrane keypad, offering excellent robustness and reliability to the control interface. On/volume, off and gain buttons are all within easy reach of the user’s thumb, making the User Interface single-digit operation!

Battery Replacement in grip (does not expose electronics)

Schonstedt Magnetic Locators are light on battery usage, but even when new batteries are required, it is quick and easy to swap over…no tools, no messing, no hold-up

Audio & Visual Output

Some users like to have visual feedback from the buried utilities they are looking for, others prefer an audio response. However, many users want to have the option, or even to use both, depending on the conditions. GA-92XTd offers users audio and visual responses, allowing users to spend more time locating and less time wishing their magnetic locator was set up differently

Battery & Sensitivity Indicators

GA-92XTd users can see when they need to replace the battery, while the visible sensitivity indicator also lets them have their magnetic locator set up exactly as they want

Signal Strength and Polarity Indications

Our bar graphs aid in pinpointing the shape and the exact location of the extremities of buried ferrous objects, helping to reduce mis-digs and false locates

HeliFlux® sensors

Schonstedt’s unique, patented HeliFlux magnetic field sensors provide much higher sensitivity than the standard ring core sensors that most of the competition uses, giving users of Schonstedt products a clear advantage when searching for deeply buried objects and when wanting to pinpoint the exact shape of utilities

7-year warranty

Users of Schonstedt products can be confident in the low total cost of ownership of their purchases because they are supported by a 7 year warranty. Some competitors offer 2 or more, but most only provide 1-year coverage



4-segment LCD


4-Level LCD - Low (L), Medium (M), High (H), Extra High (XH)


3 Levels: Muted, Medium and Maximum


One 9V Battery


24 Hours (intermittent use)


-13°F to 140°F (-25°C to 60°C)


Open 26” (66cm)


Closed 15.5” (39cm)


9.5” (24cm)


Approximately 2.4lb (1.1kg)


Rated IP54