GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator

The GA-52Cx Locator detects the magnetic field of iron and steel objects, with unmatched sensitivity. Only two Controls! Designed for one-hand operations, the On/Off-Sensitivity and Volume controls...
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GA-72Cd Magnetic Locator

The GA-72Cd Locator detects the magnetic field of iron and steel objects. It provides audio detection signals that peak in frequency when the locator’s tip is held directly over the target. The GA...
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Maggie Magnetic Locator

The Maggie is a pistol-grip magnetic locator that combines sensitivity and precision with single-handed operation and a visual display.The Maggie combines the best features of two flagship Schonstedt...
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Spot 1

Spot Magnetic Locator

Spot, the “Next Generation Stick Locator” offers accuracy and ease of use in a sleek, light-weight package with improved ergonomics. If you are looking for high accuracy at a lower cost, put Spot on...
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GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator

GA-92XTd with Membrane Switch & Precision Signal Strength Indicator. Our popular GA-92XTd magnetic locator was introduced in 2002 and quickly became known as perhaps the most portable and easy-to-use...
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RD312 Metal Locator


The RD312 Metal Locator enables operators to locate lost, buried or hidden metal manhole covers and access points. The RD312 locates lost or hidden metal covers in the street. It is light and simple...
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