The Earth Mat - Designed to provide enhanced safety for locating and digging operatives

24 April 2024
Radiodetection's new accessory, the Earth Mat, has arrived. The Earth Mat is the new easy way for your Tx10/Tx10B, Tx5 Transmitter or Genny4 to connect to ground. Simply lay the Earth Mat out flat on the ground and connect the black Transmitter or Genny Direct Connect Lead. Pour a little water on the Earth Mat for an improved signal and start scanning immediately.

The Stolen Transmitter: A Tale of Support and a Fresh Start

14 February 2024
In the vast world of social media, stories often unfold, connecting individuals in unexpected ways. One recent example involving a top Radiodetection executive has emerged showcasing the power of community and compassion, especially in a specialized sector such as utility locating. 

Radiodetection partners with Auditel in a drive to achieve net-zero

6 February 2024
Radiodetection – a world leader in the management of critical infrastructure and utilities that provides best in class equipment and solutions to trace underground infrastructure for the construction industry – has announced a partnership that will empower its ESG strategy.

Schonstedt from Radiodetection celebrates 70 years in business

15 November 2023
Schonstedt, a division of Radiodetection that is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of magnetic locators, marks its 70th anniversary this year. Founded in 1953, Schonstedt initially manufactured magnetometers for several NASA deep space probes, including the Hubble Space Telescope.