1205CXB Cable Analyzer / fault finder


WaveView™ provides connectivity between a PC and the 1205CXB TDR, and offers a host of capabilities for quick and easy enhanced assessment of your waveforms, including:

  • Download files directly from the 1205CXB to your PC
  • Zoom and move the waveform with your mouse, and move the cursors with your keyboard arrow keys
  • Add more information including Operator, Location and Notes
  • Check the dBRL figures that signify the magnitude of the fault at both cursors
  • Make changes to the VOP if required
  • Change the distance measurement units






1. Click the link below to begin the download, and save to your hard disk

2. Unzip the file using your preferred program

3. In Windows Explorer, press your Right Mouse Button on the WaveView_3.0.0.0.msi file name and click on Properties

4. Check the Unblock check box and click OK


1205CXB Software





















5. Double-click the WaveView_3.0.0.0.msi program file to start the setup program

6. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation

Download Details:

Filename: WaveView_3.0.0.0.zip


Date Published: 20th April  2022

Download Size: 963 kb