Cable and Pipe Locator Experts

Sensors & Software LMX Range

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Radiodetection introduces the LMX100™ & LMX200™, the premier GPR utility locating tools in the market.

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Underground Cable and Pipe Locator Range

Precision RD8200 and RD7200 underground cable locating equipment

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Pipeline Corrosion Mapper PCMx

Pipeline Current Mapping System

PCMx - identify coating defects faster: pipeline surveys with simultaneous data gathering.

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Damage Prevention

Our White Paper "Reducing Damage to Underground Cables and Pipes" highlights how to use the best tools to focus on improving the safety of your locating teams' performance. Locating underground services by using a cable and pipe locator before excavating improves safety, saves time and reduces costs by lowering the number of cable and pipe strikes during excavation...  

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The Pearpoint range of products are designed for pipeline inspection and are used for municipal, industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical and residential applications

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The Dielectric range of products is designed for dry air pressurization application. With over 60 years experience, the Dielectric Range has refined its technology to provide the most trouble-free and environmentally friendly dryers available.

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