Radiodetection’s precision locators for buried utilities are designed for optimal locate performance for damage prevention professionals working in all industries and utilities.

Built on over 40 years of locator innovation, precision manufactured antennas and advanced digital processing enable operators to detect and react to even the extremely small signals associated with difficult to locate utilities. 
The Precision Locate range comprises the fully-featured, multifunction RD8100®, the innovative Marker Locators, the utility-specific RD7100®+, and the single frequency RD5000®WL for the water and gas industries.

Radiodetection RD8100 locator and TX-10 transmitter


RD8100® is engineered to deliver optimum precision for damage prevention.With optional integrated GPS and usage logging, and backed with a 3 year warranty, the RD8100 keeps users and businesses on

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Radiodetection RD7100


RD7100®, our industry specific locator range, contains our most advanced locating technologies with each model optimized for the challenges of locating a particular utility

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Multifunction Signal Transmitter

Multifunction Signal Transmitter

Based on a fully digital platform, the Tx family of signal transmitters has been designed to complement Radiodetection’s advanced Precision Locators including the RD8100 and Marker Locator ranges

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Radiodetection RD5000


With ClearTRACK and Dynamic Overload Protection, the RD5000WL simplifies the task of locating specific pipes in large underground networks.

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