Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses radio waves to build a picture of what is below the surface. Ground Penetrating Radar sends out a pulse of radio energy which bounces off the buried object and is detected by the receiver. The results, showing the location and depth of buried objects, are displayed in real-time in the field or can be integrated into maps and other deliverables.

The benefits of knowing what is inside or beneath a surface are almost endless. Knowing where to dig or not to dig, finding lost or unknown objects, and mapping the results have clear applications in many industries. Just as importantly, not knowing these things almost always increases costs and very often presents a safety hazard to you or the public.

Ground Penetrating Radar is used in many industries around the world including utility locating, construction, engineering, road and building maintenance, law enforcement, mining, archaeology, UXO detection, geophysics and environmental assessment projects.

Ground Penetrating Radar's ability to locate both metallic and non-metallic utilities, like plastic, PVC and concrete, make it an especially valuable tool for many users.

We provide practical and effective Ground Penetrating Radar hardware, software and training solutions that empower our customers to make informed decisions.



Our Sensors & Software LMX100™ completes the locator’s toolbox, offering a more complete picture of the underground infrastructure.
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Our Sensors & Software LMX200™ builds on the capabilities of the LMX100™ and adds further features to help you locate and map these utilities.
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Our Sensors & Software LMX150™ FINDAR® is a compact, high resolution utility locating system for your locating and mapping needs. LMX150™ FINDAR® GPR complements traditional pipe and cable locators...
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