Designed to extend the capabilities of Radiodetection products, accessories available include rechargeable battery packs, sondes, fault-find tools and signal clamps.  The individual product listings (for example RD8200 and C.A.T and Genny ) show the accessories designed for those individual products.

Radiodetection Genny Clamp

Genny Clamp

This clamp is used to apply a Genny signal to a specific cable or pipe. This is particularly useful where direct connection is not possible, or on live cables when these cannot be de-energized...
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Radiodetection Extension Rod

Extension Rod

The 25" (630mm) length, non-conductive, nylon extension rod is used to extend the reach of the locator/transmitter clamp or small stethoscope. Multiple rods can be connected together to extend the...
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Radiodetection CD-CM Clamp

Locator CD/CM Clamp

CD/CM (Current Direction and Current Measurement) Clamp. This is used to identify individual utilities in congested areas. It provides positive identification when used with a CD signal and can also...
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Radiodetection High Gain Stethoscope

High Gain Stethoscope

This is used to locate individual utilities when either bundled together or in close proximity and where it is not possible to use a locator. With its small size and flat surface, it is ideal for...
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Radiodetection Locator Clamp

Locator Clamp

This is used with a locator to help identify target utilities in congested areas by sensing the signals from individual utilities. Available in 2" (50mm), 4" (100mm) and 5" (130mm) diameters. Part No...
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