1 July 2021

A convenient way to transport a precision cable and pipe locator system

We are very pleased to introduce our New and Improved Backpack and Transmitter Bag. Now suitable for all precision locators, including marker locator and PCMx models, the new backpack and Transmitter bag benefit from numerous practical improvements based on customer feedback.

Improvements on the Backpack and Transmitter Bag


  • External sleeve with Velcro release to hold any Radiodetection
    precision locator, including a Marker Locator, easily and securely
  • Shallower can holder, making it easier to take out shorter spray cans
  • Can holder has been moved up so the base is no longer in contact with
    damp ground
  • Reinforced can holder base reduces wear from cans
  • Stronger carry handle stitching for improved weight carrying capability
  • Stronger high visibility on shoulder straps

Transmitter Bag

  • Clear panel allows Transmitter buttons to be seen and used without opening the bag
  • Larger front flap for improved access to sockets
  • Wider opening for easy insertion and removal of Transmitter
  • High visibility sides

Please contact your local Radiodetection representative for further details.