8 November 2023

Sensors & Software Inc. from Radiodetection announces the release of new data acquisition software for LMX150™ FINDAR® ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems. The LMX® family of GPR systems was specifically designed to make locating utilities simple.  The software is shipped with all new systems and is available free on the Sensors & Software website for current LMX150™ FINDAR® owners to download.  This free software update illustrates our commitment to continually improving our products to help customers be more effective in the field.

This release provides real-time visualization to improve your locating workflow.

Enhanced MapView – provides a more complete bird’s eye view of your survey site, displaying depth slices from multiple grids simultaneously, interpretations and survey paths from all lines in your project, and a real-time position indicator to always know where you are in the survey area with respect to the targets you’ve found and marked.

SplitView – provides a real-time view of your survey path and your interpretations, improving your locating accuracy and helping you to differentiate utility targets from other targets. By displaying where you are and your interpretations in real time, you can ensure full site coverage and identify utilities with higher accuracy.

These new features on the LMX150 FINDAR unlock a world of possibilities for locating and following the path of utilities, helping you to quickly & accurately mark utilities on your job sites.

The user interface has also been enhanced with additional languages to meet the needs of our global customer base.

To learn more about LMX150™ FINDAR®, contact us.