13 October 2023

Radiodetection is pleased to announce that our full-day Precision Locator course is now Nulca-accredited! 

Nulca, an organization comprised of Utility Locating professionals, developed an extensive list of competencies that all locating technicians should possess.  To achieve Nulca accreditation, a course must meet all of Nulca’s high training standards for content, processes, and delivery. This ensures that anyone taking a Nulca-accredited course is receiving a consistent and comprehensive training and learning best practices to locate safely and effectively.

Radiodetection already has Nulca accreditation for their Utility Locating with GPR course, through Sensors & Software. 

“Many of our customers are using both EM and GPR technologies to accurately locate utilities.  We are very excited to be able to offer both accredited courses and demonstrate our commitment to training to the highest professional standards in the industry”, says Troy De Souza, Training Manager for Radiodetection-Americas. 

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