21 November 2023

RD8200SG: The Survey Grade Precision Locator from Radiodetection. Locate and map buried utilities in a single operation.

Mapping buried utilities

It’s easy to assume that digital maps that indicate the location of underground pipes, cables and other infrastructure would be commonplace, but they aren’t. Those that do exist are often inaccurate and available only in physical paper format. Until now.

Radiodetection’s new RD8200SG has been designed to create instant map-building capabilities. Customers can choose from a range of mobile mapping apps, such as PointMan to view and build their maps while they are in the field. This new Radiodetection solution is designed to speed up, simplify and reduce the cost of locating and mapping underground utilities.

“We see an increased demand from power, gas, water and other utility companies to locate and map their assets. Many own pipes and cables that were buried up to 50 years ago, and the lay of the land literally shifts over time. End customers often ask for accurate digital maps for buried utilities and are disappointed when they find out they are hard to come by”, says Andrew Bruce, Managing Director, Radiodetection.

An advanced, combined mapping and utility locating solution

Radiodetection brings together the high quality, reliable locate technology they are known for, and real-time mapping in a combined solution. The RD8200SG helps deliver survey grade accuracy and offers the flexibility to be integrated with a range of mobile mapping apps.

The RD8200SG allows location experts to integrate mapping into their workflows, and mapping experts, locating into theirs.

 “A key element of the RD8200SG solution is its ability to achieve high accuracy. Conventional GPS technology is not enough. Pinpoint location accuracy can be achieved by connecting to satellites and fixed-point base stations, and using complex algorithms to calculate the asset's exact location. Thanks to the RD8200SG's capability, users can now locate and map buried utilities with great precision”, says Bruce.

Familiar product, enhanced capability

The RD8200SG is based on Radiodetection’s popular RD8200G utility locator. The many users who are already familiar with the RD8200G will only require minimal training to use the new solution.

“The new solution integrates mapping technology into a new version of a locator that lots of utility companies and asset owners already use. The way users of the RD8200G can locate buried assets hasn’t changed. The RD8200SG has additional capability.” says Bruce.

The RD8200SG also stands out thanks to its ergonomics. Weighing just 2.4kg, it is light, and is designed for frequent, continuous and comfortable use in the field.

Map It Your Way

Flexibility is at the heart of our mapping solutions, allowing customers to choose the solution that is most suitable for their business. We offer turnkey solutions for those new to the world of utility mapping, while utility mapping experts can connect into their advanced systems.

Unique flexibility

The RD8200SG stands out for its flexibility; it is compatible with a 3rd party app, PointMan – a world leader in mapping applications – and also works with Subsurface Maps. Following its launch, Radiodetection is working to achieve compatibility with mapping apps such as Land2Map and Geolantis.360. As it is agnostic, it has the potential for future integration with any mobile mapping app.

Ultimate versatility

“After a map is created, it can be sent via email in various file types, such as CSV, KML and SHP. The exact file types depend on the mobile app that is used.  The exported files can be opened in Google Earth, where users can click on points they have created and see information that identifies whether utilities are electric cables, gas lines, or other types and the depth at which they are buried. If users already have their own mapping system, they can import the files and view them on there,” continues Bruce.

Anticipation is building

The RD8200SG will be launched worldwide (except China). The solution has already stirred strong interest in North America, Europe, and other markets.