3 February 2017

Quick, accurate cable analysis for first responders in an innovative Time Domain Reflectometer 
Radiodetection is pleased to announce the launch of the Lexxi T1660 TDR. This new, state-of-the-art TDR combines high performance and single handed ease-of-use with great value, making it suitable for a wide range of cable analysis applications and enabling more team members to be equipped. 

Featuring 1% distance accuracy and a pulse that automatically scales to match the range, Radiodetection’s Lexxi T1660 targets a wide range of cable analysis applications such as finding opens, shorts andLexxi T1660 Product Image partials, verifying cable installations and detecting cable theft. Its 328x256 pixel, 3.5” color display together with a 19,000’/6km maximum range means faults can be traced quickly and accurately. 

Developed for first responders, the Lexxi T1660 is quick and easy to master. This, plus a price that allows more team members to be equipped, results in more faults being found, more quickly. 

Building on the many years of TDR experience of its RiserBond and Bicotest product families, the Lexxi T1660 has a completely new TDR engine alongside its high resolution color display. It is housed in the easy-to-hold ergonomics familiar to users of the Model 1550 and Lexxi T810, allowing it to offer backwards compatibility with the optional plug-in modules of those earlier products. These provide connection options to match a wide range of application requirements, including twisted pair phone lines, CATV cables and even safe connection to live 3-phase mains cables via a Category IV Blocking Filter. 

Lexxi T1660 replaces RiserBond Model 1550 and Bicotest Lexxi T810 and is available to order now from Radiodetection. 


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