10 December 2021

As part of a companywide initiative to reduce waste and limit our environmental footprint, Radiodetection announces it will cease to supply non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries with its pipe and cable locator products from January 2022.

As a result of this initiative, we will remove tens of thousands of Alkaline D cell batteries from our products every year, which would normally have to be disposed by our customers. All our Pipe and Cable locators can now only be ordered with either no batteries or an environmentally friendly choice of rechargeable NiMH or Li-ion batteries. These options offer a financial and efficiency benefit for customers by switching to sustainable battery solutions.

We have recently announced a new safer range of Li-Ion batteries and chargers for our Precision Pipe and Cable locators, available here, and we can today announce that in January 2022 we will launch a brand new range of rechargeable options for our C.A.T and Genny range, offering increased and superior performance.

This move enables customers to have a choice in the batteries they use. Customers can still utilise Alkaline batteries if they choose to do so, however by making this move we believe we can help customers make the right choice for the environment. A return on investment calculator tool is also available and shows clearly, that the choice to switch to sustainable energy sources have meaningful financial and efficiency benefits for our customers. Our sales teams and distributors will be able to demonstrate to customers how this works.

This initiative offers a great opportunity to make meaningful change towards a more sustainable future and is only one of many steps we plan to take from 2022 onwards.