IceMap GPR - Operation & Data Collection (9902) - Online On-demand Training

2 Hours
Online, On-demand Training

This interactive, online course will teach students how to use the IceMap system for measuring ice thickness. The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Basics of GPR
  • Setting up the IceMap system
  • Configuring data collection parameters
  • Viewing & collecting data
  • How to do IceCals
  • Data interpretation
  • Case examples

** You will have access to this course for 6 months from the date you sign up for it. **

Approximately 2 hours (you can stop and resume where you left off at any time).

Required Hardware
Speakers or headphones (as the training contains audio).

Upon Completion
A certificate will be available for download and printing, providing a passing mark of 65% is attained.

USD $200

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