3300 Dual-Input Mid-Spec TDR

Discontinued Products

The 3300 TDR is a mid-spec Time Domain Reflectometer optimized for use on telecom cables with dual-channel capability.

The 3300 unit is a mid-spec TDR optimized for use on CATV cables. With dual input capability, rechargeable batteries and printer connectivity, the product provides a cost effective and easy to use unit for first line technicians. The unit combines Riser Bond ease of use and advanced features such as Range Plus and Super Store. It is designed with optimum flexibility and ease of use for the CATV field technician. Other benefits include measurement of Return Loss at the cursor position to provide a preview of a not so obvious fault and an Intermittent Fault Detection mode.

The 3300 TDR is not suitable for use in Europe or Australia and some other jurisdictions, please contact Radiodetection for details.

  • Ease of use
  • Field durability
  • SuperStore
  • Intermittent fault detection


Model 3200/3300

  • NiMH battery pack (61/160-0038-00)
  • Charger (060-0002-00)