RD Map

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RD Map is the free Map&Share™ Android app which supports Radiodetection’s Bluetooth Precision locators and allows locator technicians to create detailed maps of buried utilities and share them directly from the field*.

RD Map uses Google Maps to create detailed maps of sub-surface utilities . Utilities are imported to Google Maps using markers and utility tracks identified using standard coloring.

Simple to use measurement tools allow the operator to correct any GPS inaccuracy immediately.

For situations where very high accuracy position measurements are needed RD Map can be set to utilise a
compatible Bluetooth GPS/GNSS receiver.

Free Android utility mapping app

RD Map is free to download and use from the Google Play store

Google Play store

or as a direct download from the Downloads section

Works with Bluetooth Precision locators

Compatible with the RD8200® locators, RD7100® RF marker and all RD8100® locators


Uniform Color coding

Utility path and icons in standard coded colors, compliant with American Public Works Association

Google Maps interface

RD Map uses Google Maps for real time map creation and editing


Multiple GPS sources

RD Map can use the position obtained from the locator, the android device or an external high precision GPS/GNSS source

Measuring tools

Distance and radius tools to validate the accuracy of your measurements' position



Share kml or csv map files with your favorite Android application, directly from the field

Online knowledge base

RD Map  offers a comprehensive knowledge base library which is available to consult online using your favourite browser from a mobile device or pc 

Online Technical support

Find an answer to  or ask technical questions 24/7 by using Radiodetection’s support portal


  • RD Map is free to use and is available in the Google Play store

    RD Map can be used with all RD8200, RD8100 locators and with all RD7100 RF marker locators using Bluetooth connectivity.

    The wireless Bluetooth interface lets you use any compatible Android device to retrieve your survey measurements without the need to add any extra steps to your locating activities.

    The optional phone or tablet holder, leaves you free to concentrate on the locate operation at hand and positions your Android device in the optimal orientation 

    Maps are automatically created and can be easily shared at the end of your survey, using your preferred Android app.


  • RD Map uses the powerful and intuitive Google Map technology which simplifies map review and editing.

    Every time a measurement is taken using your locator, this will be automatically transferred and added to the RD Map Google Maps screen in real time.

    Use common gestures on the RD Map screen to change map type, pan, rotate or zoom the map.

    Use the distance measure and radius tools to validate the accuracy of your measurements’ position.

    Correct errors by moving the marker to the estimated new position.

  • RD Map can be set to use the locator's own GPS measurements (if available), the Android device's location or a higher accuracy third party Bluetooth GPS receiver.

    All GPS sources can be exported as csv map file.