Plastic Water Pipe Locator

The RD500-Tx is an electronic pulse transmitter that provides a fast and reliable method to apply a traceable signal to plastic pipes carrying domestic water supplies. This pulsed signal can be located and traced by using a ground microphone to identify the location and path of plastic pipes.

Complete kit

All adaptors and hoses required to connect to BIP taps / faucets or standpipes


Simple to attach and use

Little training required

Easy to find signal

Reliable, automatic pulse applied to the water service provides easy recognition on distances up to 45m / 150’

Compatible locators

Designed for use with acoustic listening devices

Simple controls

No adjustment of water flow required unlike mechanical, water driven pulse transmitters

Low impact solution

Lightweight and floor standing

Connectors and hoses included

All connectors and hoses required for connection to domestic water supplies of 4 bar or less


IP65 can be stored and used in all weather conditions

Power supply options

Powered by Battery or 12V DC auxiliary car supply