eCert remote calibration testing provides fast and convenient calibration / performance testing of Radiodetection’s locators without the need to return them to a service centre, saving time and expense for operators.

Using an internet connection to Radiodetection, eCert tests the locating circuitry within a connected locator, applying test signals to key components to confirm that the unit remains within calibration and suitable for use.

eCert also notifies operators when a new version of locator software is available, and prompts them to update their unit if required. If the connected locator also features Data Logging, eCert checks the Locator’s internal clock and prompts the operator if it differs significantly from the PC’s own clock.

Following an eCert test pass, a Radiodetection Calibration Certificate for the connected locator can be printed or saved, valid for one year from the date of issue, and traceable back to the original factory calibration equipment.

In the event of a failed test, the locator should be returned to Radiodetection or an Approved Service Centre for assessment and recalibration.

eCert is suitable for confirming the calibration of compatible Radiodetection Locators, and is approved by Radiodetection for this purpose. As a remote calibration test, however, eCert cannot check the mechanical integrity of the unit under test – for example a damaged seal or screen.

Operators confirming locator calibration under the eCert program should ensure that appropriate visual and physical checks are carried out to confirm correct operation as a part of a regular maintenance program, as well as regularly performing functional tests alongside a compatible Signal Transmitter  as instructed within the user guide. A Radiodetection Approved Service Centre may be able to advise or assist in these respects.

To perform an eCert you will require a Windows 10 PC running an eCert compatible software manager with an Internet connection.

eCert is compatible with the following locator ranges:

Locator Range Software Manager
RD8200 and RD7200 cable and pipe locators RD Manager Online
RD8100 and RD7100 cable and pipe locators RD Manager
RD8100 and RD7100 cable, pipe and RF marker locators RD Manager
RD8000 and RD7000+ cable, pipe and RF marker locators RD Manager
PCMx pipeline current mapper locator PCMx Manager
C.A.T4 cable avoidance tool locators C.A.T4 Manager







Users will be required to create an account with Radiodetection. Registration is free and provides access to free software updates.

For a complete maintenance package, Radiodetection offers a variety of factory-backed service and recalibration options including full mechanical integrity inspection and function testing.

For more information contact your local Radiodetection office or reseller.