RD7100 RF Marker Locator

Precision Locator Range

The RD7100 RF marker and buried utility locator range is designed for locate professionals who need to detect RF markers and buried utilities. The RD7100 RF marker locator is our no compromise locator for every day locating and tracing, optimised for specific industries.

Precision cable, pipe and RF marker locator combined into one

This means operators only require one piece of equipment, saving time, cost and hassle.

Simultaneous RF marker and line locate mode

All RF marker locator models offer a combined line and marker locate mode with automatic marker depth measurement, which enables the operator to do their job quicker without compromising on quality.

Choosing the right model

The RF marker functionality on the RD7100 and RD8100 RF marker locators is identical, the difference lies in the utility locate functionality. The RD7100 RF marker locator is our no compromise locator for every day locating and tracing, optimised for specific industries. The RD8100 RF marker locator is our most advanced locator and is suitable for more complex situations.

Guidance Mode allows you to quickly follow utility paths

Guidance Mode allows you to rapidly find and follow the path of a buried utility. Directional information is displayed alongside proportional distance arrows to help find the utility and then keep you on its path. The simultaneous display of depth and current information gives confidence the correct utility is being traced even in congested networks. For rough or uneven terrain differentiated audio tones can be used, freeing the user to concentrate on potential hazards. 

Peak+™ Mode combines accuracy with speed

Combine the accuracy of Peak locating with the rapid ground coverage of Guidance arrows in the new Peak+™ mode. A single key press lets you check for distortion by comparing Null with Peak.

Automatic usage-logging with GPS positioning 

GPS equipped RD7100 locators automatically capture key locate parameters every second, providing a comprehensive picture of individual locates and allowing you to assess usage patterns over periods of a year or more.

The data generated can be used to ensure adherence to best practice, or to identify training needs before poor work habits develop. Additionally, the information can be used for internal audits or shared with stakeholders to enable process improvements, and evidence task completion.

Usage data can be exported in multiple file formats – for example, KML for Google Maps to confirm where and when the work was performed.

Power Filters™ pinpoint and discriminate between power cables (PL models)

When a signal transmitter can’t be connected, tracing individual power lines through complex networks can be a real challenge. Conflicting or powerful signals confuse, or combine to create a wash of signal.

With a single key press you can now utilize the harmonic properties of power signals to establish if a signal comes from one source, or from multiple cables, then trace and mark their routes.

Li-Ion rechargeable battery options

Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery options for both locator and transmitter provide extended runtime with reduced running costs.

RD Map™ app

RD Map™ uses Bluetooth to create, in real time*, detailed maps of buried utilities: each survey measurement parameter is appended to the GPS positional information obtained by the locator, external or Android device to map the route of the tracked utility. Map files (CSV or KML) can then be shared via e-mail or any compatible messaging system.

 * Requires data connectivity and availability of Google Maps.


  • Interface consistency with our previous locators allows you to transfer knowledge and reduces retraining costs.

    Menu options and capabilities are matched to specific industries simplifying use.

    RD7100’s ergonomic balanced design and light weight (4.2lbs / 1.9kgs) ensures it is comfortable to use for extended periods.

  • StrikeAlert™ in active and passive locating modes gives visual and audio warnings of shallow cables reducing the risk of accidents.

    TruDepth™ ensures depth readings are only given when RD7100 is correctly oriented ensuring you can be confident in the result.

    The integrity of the measurement system can be confirmed on-site.  Self-test applies signals to the locating circuitry as well as checking display and power functions.

    ECERT™ allows you to verify and certify the calibration of your locator over the internet using RD Manager PC software package without returning the unit to a service center.

  • Simultaneous display of depth and current measurements gives you confidence you are following the correct line.

    Dynamic Overload Protection filters out interference, enabling use in electrically noisy environments such as near substations or overhead power lines.

    Industry specific frequencies and modes simplify menu options and reduce complexity.

    Power Filters™ uses the harmonic properties of mains networks to establish if a strong power signal comes from one source of multiple cables.

  • RDManager PC software allows to set-up, calibrate and update your RD7100 from a PC without returning your unit to a service center.

    For more information on RD Manager™, click here

    The RD7100 is backed by an industry leading 3 year warranty on registration.  Our global sales and service network delivers comprehensive technical support and training tailored to your needs.