20 January 2017

Drive best practice, reduce utility strikes and improve safety using the new cloud based C.A.T4 data analysis and storage system.

For over 40 years, Radiodetection has helped users to reduce the number of utility strikes and improve safety.

The new C.A.T Manager Online system is an internet based remote management tool that enables near real-time usage monitoring of gC.A.T4 and Genny4™ fleets, to help drive best practice.

The new gC.A.T4 GPS locator works with Android and Apple apps to transfer usage data to C.A.T Manager Online at the end of each scan, with no operator intervention.

In a standard web browser, supervisors will use a dashboard to review and compare working practices of all their operators, explore site locations using Google Maps and Google Street-View, analyse surveys to identify training needs or to evidence proof of work and generate and download reports.

C.A.T Manager Online will offer 3 account options. The Basic account option is free to use and offers access to the last 3 months’ usage, with analysis and survey reporting

The Pro and Enterprise options have been designed in collaboration with major UK contractors to provide a range of features designed to enable team and contract management, more detailed survey reports, extended storage and automatic alerts when the C.A.T Manager system detects poor practice.

A senior Operation Skills and Compliance executive, from one of the major UK utility contactors, says:
“Using Radiodetection’s eC.A.T4 has proven to be extremely effective in helping to reduce cable strikes. I am convinced that being able to view the gC.A.T4 usage data online and in real time will help to drive the behavioural change that is needed to eliminate cable strikes from our business.”

The new gC.A.T4 is available to order immediately, standard lead time applies.

C.A.T Manager Online will be available later in 2016.

For more information visit: C.A.T Manager Online

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