8 April 2021

EKKO_Project makes powerful GPR data analysis simple, and Version 6 delivers many new features that make visualizing your GPR data even easier.

Major enhancements include:

PhotoSlicer: Create stunning visualizations by overlaying GPR data depth slice images on a survey site image.  The simple interface allows users to easily create images that are powerful additions to the GPR Summary Report or presentations to show GPR results in the context of the survey site. 

Automatic 3D display in Voxler: Automatically export grid data into Voxler 3D visualization software. Pre-set parameters take you instantly to a 3D view of your data with a single button click.  Viewing a 3D image of your GPR results is a great way to pinpoint anomalies, discern patterns or trends and communicate your results.

Generate Animation Files: Animating GPR data helps you to see features in your GPR data during analysis and can be used for marketing and value-add deliverables for your clients. With V6, users can now easily create GIF animations of depth slices and 3D Preview, without any additional software.

Multi-media Flags: Users are now able to attach multimedia files (photos, videos, and audio) to a flag at an exact location in GPR data to aid with data interpretation, positioning, and data documentation. 

Grid Editing: GPR grid data can now be edited right from EKKO_Project, allowing the user to create a new grid from a series of lines, edit an existing grid and add lines (including another grid) to the selected grid.

EKKO_Project makes data organization, plotting, editing, processing, and reporting easy: it is a must for anyone using a Sensors & Software GPR system.

Add the benefits of EKKO_Project V6 to your GPR surveys by contacting one of our sales representatives for more information.

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