Network Rail acceptance for all Radiodetection C.A.T4®, RD7100®, RD8100® cable and pipe locators and our Genny4 and TX ranges of Transmitters

9 May 2017
All Radiodetection C.A.T4, RD7100 and RD8100 products are now accepted for use on the national rail infrastructure in Great Britain, managed by Network Rail.  The products have all passed Network Rail’s stringent 2017 standards for use on the rail network, with comprehensive tests covering safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Radiodetection launches new Ground Penetrating Radar systems

16 May 2016
Enhanced damage prevention through innovative new range of GPR systems giving efficient, accurate location of underground utilitiesRadiodetection is pleased to announce the launch of the RD1100 and RD1500 GPR utility locating systems offering a range of products for viewing and analysing buried utilities. 

Get ready for a connected world with gC.A.T4 and C.A.T Manager Online

20 January 2017
Drive best practice, reduce utility strikes and improve safety using the new cloud based C.A.T4 data analysis and storage system. For over 40 years, Radiodetection has helped users to reduce the number of utility strikes and improve safety. The new C.A.T Manager Online system is an internet based remote management tool that enables near real-time usage monitoring of gC.A.T4 and Genny4™ fleets, to help drive best practice.