Discontinued Products

The T631 provides CATV and Power technicians with a high-end, high-performance TDR in a rugged, robust package.

The T631 is designed to offer the CATV technician a high end, long distance TDR in a rugged and robust package. With a genuine 2ns shaped pulse and full PC connectivity, the T631 offers an unparalleled level of functionality and performance for the field engineer. It is built on the Bicotest philosophy of producing rugged and robust field proof product (to IP54).

  • Ease of use
  • Dual cursors
  • Auto fault find


  • Mains blocking filter for use on LV networks (10/T631F)
  • NiCd rechargeable battery pack (09/005-001-20)
  • Charger (10/006-000-03)
  • X600 software (61/X600)
  • Download lead (61/31302613)