Introducing the new ranges of Radiodetection precision locators and transmitters

7 December 2020
  RD8200 and RD7200 locators: Take the next step in locating buried infrastructure Locating and protecting buried infrastructure is a key operation for many industries. Locator technicians need reliable equipment that can be used all day, every day in tough environments. They demand tools that can deliver efficient operations, high levels of safety and precise and accurate measurements.

Radiodetection’s new RD7100 and RD8100 RF Marker Locate products

12 July 2019
Products to Locate, Track and Map buried assets Radiodetection’s new ranges of precision cable, pipe and radio frequency marker locators build on the high-performance and advanced features of the existing RD7100 and RD8100 platforms. They add the ability to detect RF utility markers, also known as EMS or Omnimarkers.

RD Map

12 July 2019
Radiodetection’s new Precision Locate Android companion App: easy to use real time map and share tool Radiodetection is pleased to announce the release of its Android* mapping app compatible with the RD7100 RF marker locator range and the RD8100 cable, pipe or RF marker range.